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Tuesday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Power BI is an interactive and powerful Data Visualization tool that converts raw data into coherent, visually appealing and knowledgeable insights. Power BI provides the non-technical users with a Business Intelligence platform to understand data trends and arrive at data-driven decisions.

Why should you learn this course?

  • Data driven insights derived using Power BI help companies take knowledgeable and informed decisions.
  • Decisions taken based on the knowledgeable insights derived from Power BI have less probability of failure.
  • Power BI is designed to be user friendly and easy to learn and use. Power BI makes data modelling an interesting and easy task.
  • Due to the drag and drop features that Power BI provides it facilitates the non-technical folks with all resources to perform data modelling and data visualization.

Connecting and shaping data with Power BI desktop
Creating table relationships & Data Models in Power BI
Analysing Data with DAX calculations
Visualizing data with Power BI desktop
Publishing report to Power BI service

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