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Content marketing refers to planning, creating, distributing, sharing and publishing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract the target audience. Content marketing boosts the trust among the customers by creating and distributing content in different ways.

Why should you learn this course?

  • Having a content writing course will open up a lot of opportunities not only in your own country but also overseas.
  • Companies all over the world are in a need of good writer.
  • Content writing courses will not only increase your knowledge but also boost up your confidence.
  • While writing a content you will scroll through a lot of websites and other articles in order to find correct and verified content. This will increase your research skills.
  • Learning content writing will make you more creative and increase your vocabulary.

Introduction and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Writing Marketing
Creating Blog
Forum Marketing
Freelancing Techniques
News Letter Writting
Quora/Medium Marketing
Brand Recall Value

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