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Business Intelligence is the application of strategy and technology to extract useful business insights that can be applied to enhance business operations. Business Intelligence uses historic data and past instances to predict future possibilities whereas Data Analytics uses the fundamentals of Data Science to analyze data and thus obtain useful information by processing raw data.

Why you should enroll in this course?

  • Job opportunities for BI engineers & Data analysts have been increasing with the increasing application of Business Intelligence in industries.
  • Business Intelligence enables organizations to get better insights into their services from a customer or client’s perspective.
  • Business Intelligence helps organizations identify the areas of improvement and take necessary course corrective actions to improve business operations.
  • Business Intelligence not only helps improve the internal health of organizations but also helps stakeholders understand the market expectations and their competitor’s progress.
  • The application of Data Analytics is so huge that Data Analysts find job opportunities in a spectrum of industries.

Intro to Data & Data science & different Data Science fields
Statistics – Descriptive statistics
Statistics – Inferential Statistics
Statistics-Hypothesis Testing
Practical application of SQL SELECT statement
SQL Joins
SQL Subqueries
SQL Stored Routines
Tableau intro
Tableau Functionalities
Combining SQL and Tableau
Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2

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