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Data Visualization is the pictorial or graphical representation of data or information. Data Visualization is a part of Data Science, and it helps Data Scientists to interpret trends and patterns in data. The idea of using pictures to represent data has been used for over centuries, data science implements the same century old concept to understand data and make data driven decisions. The most commonly used types of data visualizations are – Dashboards, Graphs, Charts, Maps. In Advance excel visualization, data visualization skills are practiced by leveraging advanced excel built in tools and functions to represent data.

Why should you learn this course?

  • Although the market offers a variety of data visualization tools, Microsoft Excel continues to be the most popular, industry favourite and friendly tool used in Data Visualization practice.
  • With the advancing trend in the Data Science stream, the job opportunities for Data Visualization specialists have also been increasing.
  • Learning Data Visualization helps Data Visualization specialists to identify visualization techniques and styles best suited for their data. This helps organizations make optimized usage of their data.
  • The tools and techniques of Data Visualization help Data Scientists to express the insights acquired from the Data analysis in a systematic and easy to understand manner.
  • It enables stakeholders to absorb the represented information quickly and thus help them make business critical decisions sooner.


Some important functions in Excel

Advanced Excel Chart Techniques

Excel Pivot Table in details

Conditional formatting in depth

Advanced sorting in Excel

Introduction to Power Query and Power Pivot

Introduction to VBA Macro

Referencing Ranges

Worksheets & Workbooks with VBA

Working with User Forms and ActiveX control

Useful Built-in Functions

Looping through collections and making decisions


Error Handling & Procedure scope

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